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About Hank’s

Our Philosophy:

Hank’s Cheesecakes has been in business since October of 1987. We are a small locally owned business (there really is a Hank), and our cheesecakes are hand-crafted by a team of only 8 very talented people whose goal is to provide you “The best cheesecakes created this side of heaven.”

Our philosophy is very simple: provide the best possible product and a discriminating clientele will buy it.

Our Recipes:

We bake cheesecakes every day (except Sunday) using our own special recipes that we have developed over the last 30 years. Every cake we make has its very own individual recipe to maximize it’s flavor, and is made from the finest ingredients we can buy.

Everything we sell to you is made entirely from scratch except for the chocolate cookies, vanilla wafers and graham & Ritz crackers we use to make our crusts. For maximum flavor and texture all of our cheesecakes are mixed and baked to be rich & creamy, decadent, melt in your mouth and send your taste buds into ecstasy.

Our Cheesecake Style:

Our cheesecake style is basically New York, but creamier. If you ask for a New York style cheesecake we’ll assume you’re a purist and enjoy plain, which we are very satisfied and proud to serve. However, we do offer much more in the way of cheesecake if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. We bake over 35 different flavors along with sugar-free, gluten-free and savory appetizer cheesecakes. We make them in a variety of sizes from bite-size to six tier wedding cakes that serve 210 and everything in between.

We also bake a mouthwatering moist carrot cake and decadently rich chocolate cake along with a few other non-cheesecake desserts which have become almost as popular as our cheesecakes.

Our Famous Angel Box:

Since the best cheesecakes created this side of Heaven can’t be packaged in just any old box, our local graphic designer David Bartels asked artist Mary Grandpre to do the Angel illustration which adorns our cake boxes. (Those in the know will recognize Ms. Grandpre as the artist who illustrated the Harry Potter books.) A lot of people ask about the one black feather (her only sin) in our Angel’s wing. We want to let you know that it wasn’t there until she became a little too fond of Hank’s Cheesecakes. Now it seems the Angel with the one black feather has become almost as well known as our cheesecakes themselves.

Our Thanks:

We thank you for coming back year after year and singing the praises of Hank’s cheesecakes to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. That’s what has kept us in business and we are VERY grateful. While we are utterly happy just baking cheesecakes the way we want to day after day, it is ultimately more satisfying to know that for 30 years we have been able to send your taste buds to heaven!

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