Wedding Cakes


We know how sensuous & alluring our Cheesecake wedding cakes are,
but please don't get married just to experience the cake!

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We, at Hank's Cheesecakes, have a goal to provide the best cheesecakes created this side of heaven… especially for you on your memorable day.

We offer you expertise you can trust and service you can rely on.  Please stop by our bakery for a consultation whenever it is convenient - no appointment necessary.  However, please avoid coming in on the eve of holidays so we have ample time to devote to you.  We can provide you with samples of any of our wedding cake flavors and answer any questions you may have.

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Whether your ceremony demands the classic simplicity of elegant tiers and columns, or the opulent splendor of rich glazes and floral ornament...

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...a wedding cake from Hank's furnishes the crowning touch - a gift

to your guests of beauty for the eye and ecstasy for the tongue.

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Hank's Wedding Cheesecakes come in a 
comprehensive range of styles, sizes and flavors

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