Appetizer Cheesecakes 

For a truly memorable event

start and end your meal with cheesecake…

We don't believe our rich & decadent cakes should only be sweet - they can be savory too!

Our appetizer cheesecakes start & end with our dessert cheesecake philosophy:
basic crust & cream cheese filling, made simply with the finest ingredients.

Our appetizer cheesecakes have a: 

basic crust; ritz crackers,
& a basic cream cheese filling combined with savory ingredients
that, by the way, pair great with different wines

Smoked SalmonBlue Cheese & HerbSun-Dried Tomato & SpinachBasil Pesto

Think of all those spreads, pates, cheese balls that you've

spread on crackers, pitas, breads…

& imagine our gourmet cheesecakes in their place…

That's what an appetizer cheesecake is!

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